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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

MANIFESTVTION is a beautiful service production sponsored by WTF and our partners. We gather around a wooden stage, tented by trees in the back yard of our Orlando space, 729 Community Center, and thoroughly detox through breathwork, mediation, visualizations, and positive affirmations. (That’s a lot of “tions” but it works.)

One of my fellow GVNG associates, the goddess, known as Chocolate KNDY (aka the Chocolate Crowned KNDY aka Legendary KNDY), posed a question to me the other day concerning the differences that I’ve noticed in myself once I started participating and hosting MANIFESTVTION.

I’ll limit myself to three things because I can sit here and write so many adjectives that you’d think you went through it with me haha. 

  1. I realized I liked attention (aka I lead in love)

  2. I activated my power  (aka I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me) 

  3. I realized I am not alone (aka everyone is going through it & everyone can benefit from sharing the practice of gratitude)

So just in case, you don’t know me, Hello my name is Ariel (aka Sista Sun aka Ms. Sunshine, aka SUN for short) and I am on my journey to becoming a master manifester. Writing is my favorite medium and has actually led me to the beautiful community that is WE THE FUTURE. Brandon Pvyne (aka Mr. Pvyne aka iampvyne), the founder and head curator, captured my attention on Instagram by hosting live meditations every day when the pandemic first began.

We would all tap in at 9 am and enjoy a 10 to 15-minute meditation followed by a group discussion via the chatbox and co-hosting. Brandon realized he had a lot of friends sharing and providing healing on their lives and thought it would be cool to have an IG Live Radio Station, hence the name ManifesStvtion.

I started meditating in 2018 but I had never experienced a true community for the practice. After sharing my experiences with the movement, joining Brandon on his live streams, and eventually starting my own podcast with their encouragement, I had grown to a level where I was confident enough to guided others. 

And then George Floyd was brutally murdered on camera, and in my rage and traumatization, the only thing I could think to do was to meditate. I listened and waited for instructions from the Most High for solutions because I knew I couldn't waste my anger. Not only those officers but every oppressive system needed to be punished. Their karma was long overdue and I was told that the rage of my people will be at the forefront.

Our first in-person MANIFESTATION was on MAY 30th, 2020, right before one of Orlando's largest protest ever. That day hundreds, if not thousands of people rallied to march for Black Lives from Lake Eola to City Hall, to the Downtown Police Headquarters to the 408 expressway, where they were met with tear gas and news choppers. We the Future was dedicated to finding solutions, so right before the crowd headed to the police station, we stopped and asked for suggestions from the biker cops who were policing us at City Hall. They weren't much help but we ended up meeting local activist leaders, that had collected signatures and insights for their 10 point plan.

We learned so much that day. We also shared our light with those who were open to receive it and eventually helped get Mayor Buddy to pay attention to our demands by repeatedly calling into city council meetings and voicing our truth.

WTF provided the audience and the platform to bring the event to life, and eventually, the online community that Brandon started blended with the in-person community George Floyd inspired, and MANIFESTVTION was born. Now every other Saturday we get to recreate that synergy and connect intimately with our community. It is an honor to be able to guide others through their growing meditation practice and watch them manifest solutions in their daily lives via social media.

Throughout this journey, I gained the three realizations I mentioned above (way up top). The attention I receive from leading meditations is pure love. I used to be a very shy and awkward person but I always knew that it was just a matter of time and healing before I could break out my shell and help others do the same. The power that I possess is undeniable. Spirituality is my secret sauce, and mediation has given me the awareness needed to tap into the Source of all life, in efforts to promote mich needed change. I truly believe that collectively we have the ability to “Manifest the Future We Want to See”. 

Thanks for reading!!

Written by:

Ms. Sista Sun

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