Juneteenth Celebration "R&B: Restoring Blackness"

Upcoming Orlando event celebrating the black community.

We often forget to give ourselves the allowance to rest or make space for self care. Given the current state of our nation's black mental and emotional health needs, it need to be prioritized. We have to make time to rest and recover during the fight for social change because that rest is the fuel to continuing the great work. We need the mental space away from active work to reflect on the progress we have made. Ultimately our healing as a community is just as important as justice. This event will provide the space to do so at a critical time in human history.

Event Details

When: June 19th, 2020

Time: 4pm-7pm

Where: 3099 Orange Center Blvd, Orlando, FL


If you would like to be involved in ANY our community efforts, please go to our Action Agenda page for more information + sign up.

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