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Are you manifesting?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Quick Check-In: 

“I’m overwhelmed, I mean.. I'm booked and busy. I’m anxious, I mean.. I’m excited. I’m nervous, I mean... I care. I’m scared, I mean... I’m living in my purpose. Phew chile, I think it's time to get it right the first time"

What is manifesting?

Like really though, what does manifesting look like every day? It could look like that stream of consciousness (quote) above if you’re still developing in your journey like I am. 

By the way, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Ariel Collier and within this space, a group of friends and I will be your guide to manifesting the life you want to live by sharing our authentic life stories, research, and creative works. 

Manifesting is using the power of your intentions to rewire your brain. It's taking abstract thoughts and attracting tangible results in your life. I believe Prophet Solange said it best, "I saw things I imagined, I saw things, I Imagined".

Most people don't realize how much they are focusing on the things that they don't want, rather than the things that they do want. With this practice, you will be able to spin negative energy into positive energy by using the power of our words like alchemy, creating new neurological pathways in your brain as you realize what we’re capable of. 

Manifesting builds confidence, leads to quantifiable results, and inspires others around you to live a more fruitful life. 

Your Work Matters

Identifying the work you’re meant to do here on Earth is as natural as busy bees collecting pollen to make honey. We all have been given gifts and talents that we may or may not be tapping into, in efforts to evolve as a collective. Manifesting is so important because it is a necessary tool that we all need in order to serve others in our unique purpose. 

Here at We The Future, it is our mission to not only create a platform for you to display your purpose, but also provide you with the knowledge and expertise that will create long-lasting success. Be sure to stay tuned to learn more about the many facets of manifesting such as scripting, affirmations, and strategic planning as we embark on this path as co-creators of our own universe. 

Before I Go

I cannot leave you without a blessing, so here are some quick tips to introduce you to the practice of manifesting: 

  • Get a journal or a sketchpad!

  • Start small, but stay consistent. 

  • Remember that thoughts become things, and writing becomes a reality.

  • Abraham Hicks is the plug for the Law of Attraction

  • Make sure to follow @wtfmvmnt to find our Manifestvtion IG Live schedule

Alright y'all, peace and love.

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