Anxiety: The Gift & The Curse

Anxiety has been a buzz word/emotion for our world lately. Let's explore it further.

In these few weeks of the Lion's Gate Portal being open for all of us to fully recognize, and then step into, our higher selves. With this recognition often comes.. wait for it.. ANXIETY. Let's take a look at the duality of this seemingly rotten, but inspiring feeling.

Myself, and all participants of my Royal Rising Meditations on 8/13, had the pleasure of listening to the above philosophy after a literal eye opening Third Eye Activation meditation. These were the thoughts I was able to gather from my relaxed mind.

"Anxiety isn’t a bad thing.

Anxiety means recognition of potential.

Without potential, there is no anxiety.

If no anxiety, there is no hunger for potential.

As human beings, we have free will.

Free will means unlimited possibilities.

Unlimited possibilities mean constant decision making.

An ill use of anxiety is allowing the doubt to win and pull you from your potential.

A good use of anxiety is transmuting the energy as a propellant into your potential.

Risk isn't always bad. Especially when you typically succeed every time you put yourself out there. KNOW YOUR GREATNESS. LIVE YOUR GREATNESS."

How are you utilizing your tool of anxiety? Comment below!

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